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QuickbrochuresBrochures we deliver your brochures - right now!

Electronically deliver your existing brochure, advertising, promotions, or product information –immediately - without costs of postage, envelopes and the time it takes to prepare mailings.
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A QuickBrochure is instant, free* "electronic" Internet "delivery" of your brochure to your prospect
- the brochure you already paid to have designed and printed.

You know, even though you have a great web site, people still want your printed brochure. Now you can get your brochure to people through your own web site with no work on your part. Just get your quick brochure version of your brochures, rate sheet, spec sheet or any other print piece you repeatedly send by snail mail to prospects and deliver it through your own web site.

 Your brochure is delivered from your web site in minutes
- it's that simple.

It's Easy! We do all the work. Give us two good copies of your printed brochure, spec sheet or marketing publication and we do the rest---
1. We prepare a master "quick brochure" from your document.
2. We also create an individual QuickBrochures button for your web site.
3. Your webmaster simply puts the linked QuickBrochures button on your web site and visitors to your web site who want your brochures and information just sign-in and get your brochure electronically delivered to their computer for printing and viewing immediately.

It all happens at the speed of the Internet! Users can choose to get either a universal Microsoft Word document or Adobe PDF -whichever they prefer!

.This is not a mailing service. It's not an e-mailed brochure; it's better
and faster.


Sales and Marketing people recognize the value of our system:

You get an e-mail confirmation including the recipient's name and e-mail address each time anyone gets your QuickBrochure. You can build your own e-mail list. Use it for direct e-mail promotions, marketing program or follow up on your web visitors' interest in you.


 QuickBrochures are a great business booster for resorts, hotels, lodges and all travel related businesses. Nursing home and senior care facilities find it cost effective and a source for leads. Manufacturers use it for sell sheets, catalogs, and flyers about products and services.


See several of our client group directories

- and join a directory automatically when you have your brochure made into a QuickBrochure. Get a valueable link to your web site.

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QuickBrochures now building a senior care and nursing home brochures directory!

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There is a flat monthly fee
($ U.S.)
plus a very small initial setup charge for
unlimited Internet downloads.
No long-term contracts.

No charge per download!

The cost varies only by the size of your printed pages, and the number of pages in your brochure or print material. We can make virtually any size or shape brochure into a printable QuickBrochure capable of being printed on a standard home computer- and easily read.

*Your prospect does not pay to download your brochure.

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